Monday, November 30, 2009

String It All Together

In order to install the guitar string to the PVC pipe, first, a wedge was sliced off of a single hole rubber stopper so the stopper would lie flush against the pipe. The string was fed through this hole. The purpose of the stopper was to keep the entire string at a uniform height above the PVC pipe and to make sure the string does not touch the piping at any point, which would distort the sound of the guitar if it did. One end of the string was then fed through the hole in the machine tuning shaft so the string could be tightened or loosened for tuning. Each end of the string was fed into a previously drilled hole on either end of the PVC pipe. The string ran along the rubber foot on the piezo element, so the pickup could "pick up" the vibrations of the string. At this point, the guitar was finished.

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