Saturday, November 28, 2009

Preparing the String Anchor

**The following steps for building the guitar were done at Kyle's house over Thanksgivingbreak. He relayed to Madison everything that was done, so a blog could be created on the creation process.

A 1.5" PVC pipe was cut to 44" using a hacksaw. Using two vices on either side of the cut PVC pipe, the guitar string was clamped to the pipe as a guide to draw a straight line down the pipe. Two small holes were then drilled on either end of the pipe. One hole was drilled about 2" from the end of the pipe, and the other hole was drilled about 3.5" from the other end of the pipe. The hole nearest the end of the pipe was carved to create a notch toward the center of the pipe. This was done so that the ball of the string would fit in the hole and would be grabbed by the notch when the string is pulled tight.

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